My Blogs

I am an active blogger and have used many platforms. I blog in multiple spaces, because not every type of content is for every space or every audience. I have wide and varied interests, but not every audience overlaps. So when I blog, I am mindful that each social media space is unique, and has it’s own language and norms.

Here are two blogs that I am currently maintaining.

Personal Blog

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In my personal blog, I write about anything and everything that takes my interest. Right now I’m really exploring the beauty world, specifically Asian Beauty in relation to Women of Colour. I write a lot about my experiences and I review products. I also discuss popular media, like movies, comic books.

In the first three months of 2015 I have already acquired more than double the total number of views I achieved in 2014. This is in part, to do with engaging in beauty communities, and posting my reviews and posts where key opinion leaders are in order to drive traffic and increase engagement.

Gaming Blog


My gaming blog was mostly an outlet for me to discuss things when I was more active in the Team Fortress 2 Competitive community. Since 2013, despite my sparse posts my page views have stayed steady.