United Gaming Clans

I emphasised the importance of creating social media platforms as a tool for players to continuously engage with admins.

As European Manager, I manually scheduled games and mediated disputes for the largest and lowest skill division with over 90 teams from all over Europe.

To ensure the games were played smoothly introduced Weekly Emails, addressed directly to all Team Leaders that included all information for the next game. In order to increase player interaction with the league, I created a new European section of the forums and posted a copy of the weekly email to make it available to all players.

As many players felt that the league which is based in North America was out of touch with their European needs, I started reaching out to players and teams directly to better understand their needs and desires.

That effort helped to rebuild positive relations and using that momentum, I ensured the league had an active social media presence. This was well received and both outlets became a way for players to communicate with the administration but also each other outside of the league forums.